Realtors and Loan Officers

For over 20 years, Realtors and lenders have relied on the legal professionals at Ward & Taylor to give their clients a stress-free settlement experience that is professional, efficient and convenient. Established by real estate attorneys Bill Ward and Jonathan Taylor, the law firm employs a staff of trained legal professionals who work closely with Realtors and lenders to schedule closings at the place and time that is convenient to our clients. In addition, our staff is committed to quickly resolving any problems that might stand in the way of a seamless closing.

Advanced Technology to Better Serve You and Your Clients

We understand the importance of communication between you and your clients, and help to enhance it even further with our proprietary web-based program. This innovative program means less work for you; a more streamlined and error-free transaction; and a higher level of client service and satisfaction.

Realtors and Lenders: For more information use the links below.
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