Advanced Technology to Better Serve You and Your Clients

We created our proprietary web-based program to serve as a hub for real world - real time online interaction and information sharing. Available only through Ward & Taylor, this innovative program provides real estate professionals with a far more efficient way to share and coordinate information with your clients throughout the settlement process.

Our time-saving program streamlines all closing details for Realtors, and utilizes automated e-mails and web-based forms to link all the parties involved. Operating nation-wide, this program is fully compliant with every state's regulations and integrates seamlessly with existing Loan Origination, Sales Contract, Accounting and Finance systems.

Additional benefits to lenders include:

  • Ability to review the HUD-1 in real time throughout the transaction
  • Review fees, commissions, and other charges on the settlement sheet
  • E-mail the paralegal with comments or changes
  • Identify and resolve problems prior to the settlement date

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